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Register now for the SPE International Energy Transition Symposium August 12-August 14 – Baytown, TX

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What You Can Expect

The symposium’s agenda encompasses a rich array of sessions, including keynote addresses, panel discussions, technical presentations, and poster presentations.

Visionary practitioners at the forefront of the energy transition will take attendees into how key projects are altering the energy landscape. Led by industry executives and experts, panel sessions will delve into strategic topics related to the energy transition. Concurrently, technical sessions will highlight the expertise of practitioners and professionals from diverse technical disciplines within the industry, offering insights into ideas, best practices, innovative solutions, progress, and technological advances addressing current challenges in the energy transition space.

Technical Topics:



  • Integration of Conventional and Renewable Energy
    Cross-Sector Collaboration
    SRMS, UNFC, International Standards



  • Advanced Exploration and Production Technologies
  • Sustainable Operations and Environmental Management
  • Future of Hydrocarbons
  • Decarbonization Strategies for Industry
  • Related Industries/What We Can Learn from Outside O&G


Enabling the Energy Transition

  • Renewable Energy Technologies and Innovations
  • Minerals and Energy Storage and Distribution
  • Policy, Regulation, and Finance for Energy Transition
  • Social and Economic Impacts of Energy Transition
  • Innovation in Energy Transition


CCS, Geothermal, and Hydrogen

  • Mission/Visioning
  • Case Studies/Field Examples
  • Challenges/Impediments/ Opportunities
  • Geologic Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen with Carbon Management
  • Energy Storage