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2024 Methane Mitigation Global Summit June 10-13, 2024 – Denver

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The Largest Global Summit on Methane Mitigation:
Move From Individual Accountability to Global Responsibility
More than 150 countries have signed up to a global pact to reduce methane emissions that was originally launched at COP26. The Global Methane Pledge is a collective effort to reduce global methane emissions by at least 30% from 2020 levels by 2030. It’s an important call to action that puts methane abatement front and center of global efforts to combat climate change.

With countries committing to collectively reducing methane emissions, it is now imperative that international leaders from across the oil and gas industry come together to understand how to drive down emissions while meeting the global demand for affordable and reliable oil and natural gas.

Over 200 international oil and gas leaders connected at the Methane Mitigation Global Summit on June 20-23, 2023 in Houston to learn how methane reduction is being shaped by the global regulatory landscape, understand the key pathways to lowering emissions, discover how to build innovative partnerships to accelerate abatement efforts and explore how to improve the reliability and credibility of methane emissions data.

If you are responsible for developing new ways to identify, measure, monitor and eliminate methane emissions from your operations, this summit is not to be missed, join us in 2024!