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PowerGen International Jan 23-25, 2024 – New Orleans – Save the Date

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Powergen International 2024 Conference

Destination 2050 

POWERGEN International® is the largest networking and business hub for electricity generators and solution providers engaged in power generation. Power producers, utilities, EPCs, consultants, OEMs, and large-scale energy users gather at POWERGEN International® to discover new solutions as large centralized power generation business models evolve into cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. POWERGEN creates a progressive environment for our core audience looking to evolve while attracting new energy professionals embracing the clean movement towards Destination 2050.

Who Should Attend?

POWERGEN session attendees packed room

POWERGEN International® serves as a guiding force for energy professionals on their transformative journey. We invite technology experts, utilities, engineers, suppliers, decision-makers, and thought leaders to join us in learning valuable lessons from past and present projects. Together, let’s cast a forward-thinking gaze toward the opportunities and possibilities that await us over the next 30 years.


POWERGEN packed keynote audience

POWERGEN International® is committed to helping find a path from where the industry is now and the current challenges it is facing to new emerging areas and future-leading trends. The event engages new and repeat attendees in an emotional, innovative experience that facilitates valuable connections and meetings and helps participants find more of what they are looking for.

Meet The Right People:

At POWERGEN International®, our utmost priority is fostering one-on-one engagement and relationship building through our networking events. This aspect defines the essence of our event. Starting with breakfast roundtables to kickstart your day and culminating in enjoyable joint networking parties, you’ll leave with a stack of new business cards and valuable connections.

Services and Product Suppliers 

Discover the exhibit hall buzzing with hundreds of companies offering products, technologies, and knowledge that provide solutions for the power generation industry. Explore POWERGEN International® for exceptional access to industry decision-makers, innovators, and the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Unparalleled Education to Stay Updated

The 9-track technology program connects global industry thought-leaders, fostering networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative problem-solving with utilities, product providers, and service providers. Addressing relevant and timely topics, it responds to the market’s current needs each year.

The POWERGEN International® Technical Program consist of technical deep dives on sector critical topics, with each stream focusing on a vertical discipline.  Sessions will cover topics that are important to personnel tasked with building, operating, and maintaining power plants.

Select a conference track:

  • Carbon Capture and Emission Controls
  • Decarbonization
  • Energy Storage Deployments
  • Microgrid Breakthroughs
  • Nuclear’s Small Revolution
  • Optimizing Plant Performance
  • O&M and Performance Issues for Large-Scale Solar and Wind
  • The Smarter Power Plant
  • Unlocking Hydrogen’s Power Potential

    Hydrogen as a fuel for electricity generation or a way to store energy is integral in a decarbonized future. Government incentives are also expected to help scale up the clean hydrogen economy. Challenges remain to deploy technologies that can readily accommodate 100% hydrogen combustion in large-scale power plant applications. This track addresses the technical challenges that need to be addressed, from combustors to balance of plant modifications.

    Topics include:

    • Advancements in hydrogen-powered turbines
    • Balance of plant considerations
    • Electrolysis and fuel cell technologies
    • Hydrogen production, transportation and storage
    • Project modeling and financing
    • Hydrogen hub initiatives
    • Policy incentives

These sessions are vetted and curated by our advisory committee and in-house content team for excellence and thought leadership. The content is presented in a variety of formats including 60-90 minute technical workshops and seminars, panel discussions, presentations, and case studies.

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PowerGen 2024


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