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Hart Energy presents Carbon and ESG Strategies Managing Carbon and ESG Initiatives August 30-31, 2023 – Houston

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State of Sustainability
As sustainability gets staked into the global energy agenda, energy companies continue to face the occasional curveballs from investors, market volatility and changing regulations. This comes as new trends emerge worldwide and more incentives become available, transforming the sector to meet lower-carbon energy needs.

What the World Will Look Like in 2030 and 2050
In the effort to set carbon reduction and other sustainability targets, we cannot lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish collectively: a more sustainable economy and a healthier world not only for ourselves but for future generations. What should businesses look like and operate in 2050? What kind of regulatory and reporting environment should be put in place? How will companies, financial markets, consumers, employees, and communities align to advance sustainability? How will R&D and innovation drive us forward? To be ready for the 2050 world, what must we achieve and put in place by 2030? And what must we do now?

Carbon Management Panel: Global Energy Transition
The road to net-zero emissions is a global movement. Find out where the world stands on emissions reduction efforts.

Chris Kendall, CEO Denbury Inc.
Reg Manhas, CEO, Lapis Energy


The Elephant in the Room
Investors, operators and technology companies know the importance of ESG in the success of businesses. So why do some oppose ESG initiatives? Industry experts will address what is behind some of the opposition and how companies can write their own narratives to move forward successfully.

Marcella Burke, Managing Partner, Burke Law Group
James Dolphin III, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis
Trina Engels, Director – ESG, Talos Energy

The ESG Roadmap
Identify targets to manage risks and seize opportunities around sustainability, while assessing financial impacts to help ensure long-term business viability.

Keila Aires Diamond, Managing Director and Head of ESG, Quantum Capital Group
Carolina Ortega, Vice President – Sustainability, Milestone Environmental Services
Kristin Tatum, Vice President – ESG and Finance, KInder Morgan


Carbon Management Roundtable
Operators speak on carbon management techniques. What are the most efficient and cost-effective ways to lower emissions?

Technology and Venture Capital
Creating Financial Value and Superior Outperformance amidst the Energy Transition.

Rob Meister, Managing Director, Quantum Capital Group


Technology at Work
What’s being implemented in the field? Industry operator discuss their decarbonizing operations.

The “S” and the “G”
What social and corporate governance issues are being faced by the energy sector? A panel of experts shares insight on challenges and strategies.

Vic Svec, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

4:30 PM


Net-zero Goals
Everyone, including operators, midstream providers, and service suppliers are aiming for net-zero emissions. Are the net-zero goals realistic?

Jerry Ashcroft, CEO, Crescent MIdstream
Megan Hays, Managing Director, Kimmeridge

Gas Utilities & RSG
Who is demanding the RSG and why? What’s the available market? What does it take to become RSG certified?

Jack Belcher, Principal | Advisory Services, Cornerstone

Ken Robinson, Chief Risk Officer, Engie
Chris Romer, CEO, Project Canary


Supply Chain
Hear how operators, midstream companies and suppliers are reacting to the demands of the investors.

IRA Preparations and More
What do forthcoming changes to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting program mean for how operators measure and
report emissions? What are the implications for commercializing emissions performance?

Dr. Erin Tullos, Senior Advisor, Astra Energy Group

Sharing CCS Lessons
As the energy sector gears up for new CCS projects, some companies—both within and outside energy—have already
started the journey. Hear their stories.

Basak Kurtoglu, Managing Director and Head of Technical, Quantum Capital Group


Capturing Community Engagement
Carbon capture project developers discuss the ideas around the right levels of social engagement and
community engagement. How do we gain the approvals of the communities we are impacting?

Elizabeth Burns-Thompson, Vice President Government & Public Affairs, Navigator CO2

Taking Carbon Management to the Next Level
Massive amounts of data are being used to drive efficiency and lower GHG emissions. What roles are predictive analytics and artificial intelligence playing in carbon management?

Kayla Ball, Chief Product Officer, Validere

Preparing for Risks and Opportunities in the Low-Carbon Energy Transition
Given uncertainties around carbon price, future activist actions and disruptive technologies, navigating the low-carbon energy transition calls for planning and guidance. Experts share insight on risks and opportunities ahead. Carbon Price, CapEx, and OpEx, Activism, and Early Adoption vs. Fast Followership – reaching ambitious carbon reduction targets such as netzero will require creative new approaches.

Kyle “Breeze” Brzymialkiewicz, Vice President of Gulf Coast Emissions, Anew


Carbon Utilization Opportunities
While some companies are capturing and storing CO2, others are using the greenhouse gas for a wide range of applications. Companies discuss commercial and industrial uses for CO2 and how the growth in planned carbon-related projects could impact their businesses.

Emissions Management & Technology Challenges
Detection, Lost Revenue from Leaks, Implications for the IRA Methane Fees in 2024, and Preparing for the Future.

Shankar Annamalai, Senior Vice President – Permian Geo Market & Emissions Technology
Joe Quoyeser, Chief Commercial Officer, LongPath Technologies Inc.

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