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Low carbon footprint fuels are a foundational component for a sustainable energy society. Many governments are planning or have begun mandating transitions to renewable energy sources. With energy transitions expected as early as 2026 in some parts of Europe to 2050 throughout much of the United States, the goals demand collaboration with industry stakeholders to optimize the overall transition effort.

Building upon the rich history of the current energy infrastructure, it is critical to ensure that safety is the driver in this energy transition. Whether transporting a hydrogen blend or 100% hydrogen, there are key technical issues that will need to be overcome.

The Emerging Fuels Symposium will provide a forum for discussion of current research, research outputs to date, and the next steps needed. The scope of the symposium will be to address the challenges and opportunities for the transport and storage of hydrogen; renewable natural gas; and carbon capture, transport, and sequestration (CCTS). It will provide the framework for the guidance document needed to enable pipeline operators to safely transport and store the next generation of energy.

Renewables RNG H2 Green Energy Carbon Capture CCS CCUS Conferences USA

Co-hosted by Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI), Australian Pipeline & Gas Association (APGA), Future Fuels CRC (FFCRC), European Gas Research Group (GERG), and European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG), the Emerging Fuels Symposium is a global collaborative opportunity to resolve the technical gaps that exist as the global industry transitions to low carbon energy solutions using the existing pipeline asset infrastructure.

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